• 1980
  • Irulegi (Behe Nafarroa)
  • Folka, Kantautorea

The trip

I can hear in your voice the thing you say
And I travel the world until human brain
When I knew that my freedom was so far away
I was rolling alone until you say

I can choose in my mind my broken waves
As I’m falling inside until this pain
And a hurricane is blowin… blowing you
I was rolling alone until you too

By the hills, by the doors, by the caverns
By Belate’s spike until Barcelona’s gate
Zaragoza’s plains that never saw the sun
Pamplona’s forest where never drop the rain

Here comes the end of this trip
Here come black birds and white snow

I was rolling alone yesterday
When I realized loving instead
I realized loving is gold
That’s stretching my scare again

Tires are spinning trough and the road is all snowy
A black feather sliding down the foggy window